Last Day

Field Day 6 - Sunday

Today is the last day of field work. We woke up a little later than usual and made our way out to the field. Today we had Terraces 4-6 left. This left us the very top of the fault scarp, the valley between the old range and the top of the scarp, then a slight way up the old range. We got a good range of samples, still finding a lot of mafic rocks in general, until we got to the valley and the old range. Here we found crystals of white and green minerals (about 5-10 mm in size at the largest), though the variety in the valley and especially the old range were very limited (20 ish samples in the terraces down to around 7 or so in the old range).

Chile '08 038 sized

It was so windy at the top, maybe around 40 or so mph that we didn't stick around long and had a quick thorough day. Jen took some great panoramics at the top of the fault scarp and Ingrid busted out the sledge hammer on some angry rocks, but otherwise it was a typical day. It was a bummer to hear Ingrid say that the work at this site was pretty much done and that it was questionable whether we'd come back, but for the incredible things I learned (first hand, and in CHILE none the less!) it was a wonderful experience. It was really neat to come across some new types of rocks, and I'm REALLY excited to take them back to the lab and get a good look at them!

Chile '08 051sized

Chile '08 116 sized