Easy Day of Field Work

Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008:

The goal of today was to get samples from each of the terraces seen in the western portion of Salar Grande. The terraces consist of mostly mafic volcanics rich in feldspar and pyroxene. Some terraces have about 10-15% felsic volcanics rich in epidote. Overall we were able to collect about 7-12 samples for each terrace so we can later compare the different types of rocks at each place.

On our way back to Iquique we stopped at Los Verdes, a place on the beach with lots of epidote. We peaked at the tide pools, where Ingrid was poking at the marine life, and collected some great epidote samples (good crystal structures!). Overall, a relatively easy day in the field with a lot of work to do when we get back to the states.