Renee Arrives and More Mapping

Saturday- Field Day 4

You could say today is the first day for my and Renee's project. Today and tomorrow we get to map out the terraces and collect rock samples to get an overall impression of the rocks from the different parts of the mountain.


There are 5 terrace locations in total: Terrace 1 is flat, 2 is the ridge, 3 is the flat above that, 4 is the top of the fault on the east side, and Terrace 5 is the approximate elevation on the west side of the fault. I was called the 'Jefa' (chief) and got to navigate the stopping locations for each of the terraces, which was super amusing to Arestides who continued to call me 'la Jefa' the rest of the day. Because we were all taking it easy these next few days and there certainly is no hurry or time constraint, we only did Terraces 1, 2, and 3 today.


Overall we had a fairly successful day, though the rock types in terraces 2 and 3 vary quite a bit. Because they vary so much, we had to crack a lot of rocks (to make sure we didn't discover new ones) which usually meant a lot of 'shrapnal' and bits flying off into your face. Its also much easier to break thinner more planar rocks than rounder ones. This can be deceiving however when you see a 'flat' rock that turns out to be quite massive after you discover 3/4 of it was buried in the dust. I've gotten pretty good at the 'one crack swing' though! More practice tomorrow for sure.