Introducing Sarah

My name is Sarah Byram and I’m in the final year of my BS degree in Geoscience at the University of Iowa. I am currently working with Ingrid Peate on a project examining some of the samples she collected last year at Laguna Lejia during field work for the NASA High Lakes Project. I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to participate in field work for the NASA Planetary Spherules Project this year, and so on December 1st I boarded a plane in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (late, due to a little snow and ice) to start my trip to the Monturaqui Impact Crater in the Atacama desert in Chile. After stops in Dallas and Santiago (including a beautiful sunrise view of the Andes from the plane window), I finally landed in Antofagasta, Chile on December 2nd, just less than 24 hours later.

Sarah getting to know her outcrop