Travel to Iquique

Tuesday, November 25- Travel to Iquique

Today we traveled from Antofagasta to Iquique, which is about a 5 to 6 hour drive. We left around 11 am in a 4 door ford truck. It looked fairly rugged for the traveling we would be doing. We drove up the coast the entire way, which was wonderful. The ocean was to the left, and the mountian range was to the right. It was truly beautiful however the scenery didnt change much. I've never seen anything like this before in my life (no ocean or mountains anywhere near Iowa...) so I didn't want to close my eyes and nap. But if I did, I would open them to a different variation of 'Ocean on the left, tan mountain on the right'. Fine by me. The road was fairly twisty so I got a pretty bad headache, but it was well worth it. Got to the hotel around 5, went to dinner around 8, and slept for the next day.